31 days of running raises over £500

Adrian Kowal took part in the Ronhill run every day challenge during the month of October. Here’s what he had to say about the event…

Having seen a post about the Ronhill run every day challenge from 1st to the 31st October, I felt inspired to set myself a challenge to run a minimum of 5k every day during the month of October, and I have to say it was more of a challenge than I had expected!

The first couple of days were fine and I was determined, but after the first week my knees were aching and the thought of carrying on was painful. However, there was no way that I was going to stop. Instead, I did a little research and bought some ‘joint supporting’ running tights which seemed to really make a big difference.

Although running every day was tough I actually enjoyed it, some days. Making the time to run was the biggest challenge, because on week days I had to run late at night after the kids were tucked up in bed, and at that point it’s all to easy to just sit down. I was extremely lucky with the weather in that I only had to run in the rain a couple of times, and mostly in the light.

In the end I completed everyday and even managed a 10k on the 31st just to make sure. Thanks to some very generous people I raised a total of £515.00.

A big thank you to my wife, Vickey, for being so supportive during this challenge, and to everyone who donated to this very worthwhile cause.



Claire and Mark went ‘The Whole Hog’

Claire and Mark participated in ‘The Whole Hog’ – a 5 mile run with 20 army-style obstacles along the way, including wading through waist-height swampy water, crawling through muddy tunnels and cargo nets, etc.

Over 500 people took part in the event, which took place on the morning of Sunday 16th October in Wantisden Valley, Woodbridge.
Claire and Mark raised an fantastic sum of £615.