31 days of running raises over £500

Adrian Kowal took part in the Ronhill run every day challenge during the month of October. Here’s what he had to say about the event…

Having seen a post about the Ronhill run every day challenge from 1st to the 31st October, I felt inspired to set myself a challenge to run a minimum of 5k every day during the month of October, and I have to say it was more of a challenge than I had expected!

The first couple of days were fine and I was determined, but after the first week my knees were aching and the thought of carrying on was painful. However, there was no way that I was going to stop. Instead, I did a little research and bought some ‘joint supporting’ running tights which seemed to really make a big difference.

Although running every day was tough I actually enjoyed it, some days. Making the time to run was the biggest challenge, because on week days I had to run late at night after the kids were tucked up in bed, and at that point it’s all to easy to just sit down. I was extremely lucky with the weather in that I only had to run in the rain a couple of times, and mostly in the light.

In the end I completed everyday and even managed a 10k on the 31st just to make sure. Thanks to some very generous people I raised a total of £515.00.

A big thank you to my wife, Vickey, for being so supportive during this challenge, and to everyone who donated to this very worthwhile cause.



Claire and Mark went ‘The Whole Hog’

Claire and Mark participated in ‘The Whole Hog’ – a 5 mile run with 20 army-style obstacles along the way, including wading through waist-height swampy water, crawling through muddy tunnels and cargo nets, etc.

Over 500 people took part in the event, which took place on the morning of Sunday 16th October in Wantisden Valley, Woodbridge.
Claire and Mark raised an fantastic sum of £615.

Another Tough Mudder

Jade Henderson completed the tough mudder on 25th June 2016, along with the rest of her team ‘the fat & the furious’. There were 13 of them in the team and they managed to complete the 12 mile obstacle course in 4 and a half hours.

Jade commented…

It was 12 miles of literally tough mud! We all had a fantastic day and, fortunately, suffered no serious injuries! I did obstacles I never thought I would, and sheer determination got us all through it! As a team we raised £1690 for AHCUK, which far exceeded our target! It makes me feel like I’m contributing something to help find a cure for AHC!

Well done Jade, and thank you for your contribution to AHCUK.


Jade is number 24842.

Bake-off was a Royal Success

Kate Ayre, held a Royal Bake Off at her home in Ilkley to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday and to raise funds for AHCUK. Kate’s sister, Alison, provides respite care for Rhys Jones, so Kate wanted to help raise the profile of the condition and make a contribution towards research funding.
Everyone brought along a homemade cake or plate of buns which were then judged by our Mum, an experienced home baker (and a dead ringer for the Queen!). After an enjoyable couple of hours of tea, cake and royal quizzes, everyone made donations to buy the remaining baked goods, which raised an impressive £347.
Thanks Kate for all your hard work in organising the event and the generosity of everyone who attended.

Adrian Kowal’s 5k Run

Adrian Kowal recently completed a 5k run to raise money and awareness for AHCUK. Below is how he got on…

My son, Oliver, was diagnosed with AHC (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood) in August 2014 and since then I have been looking for a way to raise awareness and funding for research into this terrible condition.

Back in January I saw that the Gung-Ho Seriously Fun 5k was coming to Southampton in May and thought it would be a great way to raise awareness and potentially funding for AHCUK. I was talking with some friends at the time (Daniel Laird and Katie Underwood) and they agreed to do it with me, so I signed us all up quickly before anyone could change their mind, mainly me.

The Gung-ho event consists of a 5k run with 10 inflatable obstacles on the route where you have to climb, slide, fall or jump in, over, under etc., with Europe’s largest inflatable slide at the end with extra foam for good measure. It looked like great fun.

Having never been much of a runner – seriously I would rather walk or cycle – I thought 5k seemed like a real challenge, so I prepared myself with the Couch to 5k app on my smartphone. Anyone who has used this app knows how it goes, walk, run, walk, run…..        The timings change each time with you progressing to run for longer and walk less, and for me this was a real challenge, especially as I like to push myself.

After 9 weeks of training I was finally running a full 5k in about 35 minutes and was really chuffed because, at the start of this, running constantly for 30 min seemed like a crazy idea, but now I even try and make the Saturday morning Parkrun.

The event itself went really well. I even had special t-shirts made for us to wear, and everyone was very supportive – especially friends and family, and we raised a total of £603.18 which was just fantastic.

I have now signed up for a 10k Road Race in Southampton on 26th June and am hoping to ‘top up’ the money raised above by collecting donations here www.justgiving.co.uk/ahcuk.

I am looking doing another next April or even the possibility of doing a half marathon!!! who knows 🙂

Thanks Adrian. Watch this space to see how he does in June.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

Alison and Andrew Abbiss held a Silver wedding anniversary party to raise money for AHCUK. Here’s what Alison said about the night..
We had a ceilidh dance and friends and family kindly donated £620 to AHCUK in lieu of presents. My husband and I have provided respite care for Rhys Jones for the past 3 years and we both wanted to help raise awareness and money to fund research into AHC, so that hopefully one day Rhys and other equally inspirational children like him no longer need to suffer from this cruel condition.
Well done Alison and Andrew!

University Fundraising Event – Flamenco Style!

Olga Giner, who works at Lucie Bailey’s house, hosted a Flamenco-themed event to raise money for AHCUK and also to raise awareness of AHC. Olga writes this about the event…

Flamenco“As part of our university courses, my classmate Lara and I had to put on an event, so we decided to host a Flamenco/Spanish event with Spanish food, live flamenco show, sangria demonstration and much more. I have known Lucie Bailey for a few years now from working in the care home in which she lives, in Brighton, and I know her condition is not well-known. Therefore Lara and I considered that supporting the charity AHCUK, which raises money for research into Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, would make the event more meaningful as well as being a great way to raise awareness and money for them.”

Event“Jill Bailey (Lucie’s mum) helped us with some information about the condition and gave us a banner and some leaflets to put at the venue during the event. She also provided some wristbands and trolley-coin key rings to sell during the event in order to fund the charity.”

“It was a real shame that Lucie and Jill could not come to the event, because we are proud to say that the event was an incredible success and we are sure they would have enjoyed it to the same extent that everyone else did. However, without a doubt, the best of it is that we collected £55 between ticket sales and on site donations, including donations from the purchase of the items Jill gave us to sell. We know this is not a massive amount but…every little helps and we definitely raised awareness.”


Well done Olga, and are absolutely correct – every little helps!

Thank you for your contribution.