Adrian Kowal’s 5k Run

Adrian Kowal recently completed a 5k run to raise money and awareness for AHCUK. Below is how he got on…

My son, Oliver, was diagnosed with AHC (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood) in August 2014 and since then I have been looking for a way to raise awareness and funding for research into this terrible condition.

Back in January I saw that the Gung-Ho Seriously Fun 5k was coming to Southampton in May and thought it would be a great way to raise awareness and potentially funding for AHCUK. I was talking with some friends at the time (Daniel Laird and Katie Underwood) and they agreed to do it with me, so I signed us all up quickly before anyone could change their mind, mainly me.

The Gung-ho event consists of a 5k run with 10 inflatable obstacles on the route where you have to climb, slide, fall or jump in, over, under etc., with Europe’s largest inflatable slide at the end with extra foam for good measure. It looked like great fun.

Having never been much of a runner – seriously I would rather walk or cycle – I thought 5k seemed like a real challenge, so I prepared myself with the Couch to 5k app on my smartphone. Anyone who has used this app knows how it goes, walk, run, walk, run…..        The timings change each time with you progressing to run for longer and walk less, and for me this was a real challenge, especially as I like to push myself.

After 9 weeks of training I was finally running a full 5k in about 35 minutes and was really chuffed because, at the start of this, running constantly for 30 min seemed like a crazy idea, but now I even try and make the Saturday morning Parkrun.

The event itself went really well. I even had special t-shirts made for us to wear, and everyone was very supportive – especially friends and family, and we raised a total of £603.18 which was just fantastic.

I have now signed up for a 10k Road Race in Southampton on 26th June and am hoping to ‘top up’ the money raised above by collecting donations here

I am looking doing another next April or even the possibility of doing a half marathon!!! who knows 🙂

Thanks Adrian. Watch this space to see how he does in June.